CIPDH Representation in Latvia

CIPDH Representation in Latvia

According to US Department of State and Freedom House – Human rights in Latvia are generally respected by the government. Latvia is ranked above-average among the world’s sovereign states in democracy, press freedom, privacy and human development. The country has a large ethnic Russian community, which has basic rights guaranteed under the constitution and international human rights laws ratified by the Latvian government.

However, human rights organisations have reported multiple problems. Especially non-citizens – including stateless persons – suffer from limited or no access to a broad range of rights. Also there were problems with police abuse of detainees and arrestees, poor prison conditions and overcrowding, judicial corruption, discrimination against women, incidents of violence against ethnic minorities, and societal violence and incidents of government discrimination against homosexuals.

Based on this, CIPDH administrative council in cooperation with the Baltic partners decided to open an official CIPDH representation in the city of Jurmala. In one of the biggest and strategic city in baltic states.

Since May of this year, CIPDH experts negotiated with the official structures of Latvia on the principles of the functioning of the CIPDH mission. At the moment, the official opening of CIPDH representation in Latvia is scheduled for September 2017.