Last resort on Saving the Planet

Last resort on Saving the Planet

26thJuly 2018 with assistance of International Diplomatic Club “Amicability” a special event took place – presentation of the book “Save the Planet!” written by Syrian public figure and human rights activist Ahmed Jamil Akrini. The moderator of this event was Assistant Chief of the department of cooperation with international organizations, CIPDH Counsellor and the President of IDC “Amicability” Sergey Dvoryanov. Though he is from Middle East, known for it’s strong Islamic constitution, but he is an absolutely secular specialist, for whom all religions have the same value and significance. He stands on statement, that it’s crucial to find by all means dialogue and understanding between all civilizations, nations and religions for the sake of peace and preservation of our planet.

Mankind’s global problems generally affect our planet. Therefore all people and the states are engaged in their decision. This term appeared in the late 60s of the 20thcentury. Now there is a special scientific industry which is engaged in studying and the solution of global problems of mankind. Henceforth it’s called “global studies”. Ofcourse, there are many alarming factors that are threatening stability, prosperity and life on our planet, but during the round table next problems were figured out and discussed:

  • Snowballing out of control birthrate – in “third world” states people (especially in poor and

agricultural regions) don’t plan their families, give birth to numerous children, whom they can’t bring up, raise and give them everything necessary, sentencing to poverty, threats of survivability and provoking raise of criminality. Planet’s population grows at very high rates. And though “population explosion” already began to decline, the problem still remains. Situation with food, water and natural resources comes worse since their reserves decrease. At the same time negative impact on the environment increases, it’s almost impossible to overcome unemployment, poverty. There are difficulties with education, healthcare;

  • Problems with healthcare – despite medicine’s active development, invention of the latest

vaccines and medicines, mankind continues to be ill. And many illnesses threaten lives of entire population. Therefore presently development of cure and treatment methods are actively conducted. In laboratories substances of modern samples for effective immunization of the population are created. Unfortunately, the most dangerous diseases of the 21stcentury – oncology and AIDS – still remain incurable and undefeated;

  • Food scarcity – in some countries’ population there is still food scarcity or even famine.

Especially it’s concerned inhabitants of Africa and other “third world” countries. There are two options for the solution of this problem. First is directed to that pastures, fields, fishery zones gradually and in calculated way increase their area. If to follow the second option, it is necessary not to increase the territories, but to increase productivity of existing. The latest biotechnologies, methods of melioration, mechanization are developed for this purpose. High-yielding plant varieties are also created to aid that mission;

  • Problem of global disarmament – after creation of nuclear bomb and evidencing the results

of it’s using in action, nuclear power try at all costs to avoid nuclear war. Agreements between the countries on non-aggression and disarmament for this purpose are signed long ago but not always act as they should and that creates certain desire for non-retaliated aggression. Laws on a prohibition of nuclear armories and arms-trading termination constantly were trying to be created, but with almost no blink of chance. Presidents of leading states thus hope to avoid the beginning of World War III as a result of which as almost 100% predictable, all forms of life and civilization on Earth will be completely and utterly destroyed;

  • Ecological disaster – daily environmental pollution, depletion of terrestrial and water reserves

are reasons for that. All these factors together can accelerate approach of an environmental disaster. Man considers himself the ruler of mother-nature, but at the same time doesn’t aim to keep it in more or less original state. It is disturbed also by rapid industrialization in certain states. Negatively influencing the habitat, the mankind destroys it and doesn’t think of it. Pollution standards which are regularly exceeded aren’t developed for nothing. As a result of it environmental problems of mankind can lead to irreversible condition of nature. To avoid it, it is necessary to pay attention to preserving flora, fauna, try to preserve the biosphere of our planet. And for this purpose it is necessary to make production and other types of man’s activity more eco-friendly so the impact on environment would be less aggressive.

            Due to time limitations we couldn’t discuss all the problems, but still it was very interesting discussion with interesting author and interesting “round table” members (like in times of King Arthur) as well.

            After the book presentation and it’s discussion Ahmed Jamil Akrini was awarded with a diploma as the Honorary Professor and Doctor of Theology in nomination “Peacemaker of the Planet” signed by President of International Humanitarian Academy “Europe and Asia”, rector of the Institute for the culture of peace (UNESCO), the academician E. R. Tagirov and presented by Vladimir Homeriki.

            We wish our noble guest and author further success in his future activities and above all – peace and prosperity for his homeland – Syria, where with the help of Russia, President Asad does everything possible and impossible to save our Planet at least in his country in the most bleeding region in the world – the Middle East. God Bless You!