Solid Waste Processing in Bulgaria

Solid Waste Processing in Bulgaria

The Balkan department of the international French organisation “Comité International pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme” with the official partners – the companies “ProWaste” and “Pyrolys”, being supported by the municipal bodies of the Sozopol district in Bulgaria, is implementing a project in the sphere of solid waste processing.

JpegAt present, the construction of the second base unit of this plant is underway, which in July this year will completely process solid waste with electricity production and distribution (6 megawatts per hour).

This project in the context of European economic policy is a serious contribution to the implementation of articles of the UN global treaty No. 7-8-9.
The project will also contribute to improving the economic structure of the region to improve people’s livelihoods and preserve the environment of the Republic of Bulgaria and to address issues of using green energy.

CIPDH renders every possible support to the activities of the Balkan Department in the implementation of this project aimed at improving the quality of life of people and protecting natural resources.